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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April 4th... iPad finally coming to the wild world

As Apple announced April 4th ,2010 as the new released day of the mighty iPad(late April for the 3G model with a separate plan), Apple's fan finally find something they have always looking for at a cost of a netbook. A fully touchable multimedia device with the height of 9.56 inches(242.8 mm), Width: 7.47 inches(about 189.7 mm) and it weights around 1.6 pound for the wifi with 3G model, and 1.5 pound for the standard integrated wifi model. Overall, the price seem quite reasonable with a start of $499.00 USD for the base model. This device will give Apple a fresh start as well as a new toy within the entertainment world. As nobody have seen the device yet, more update will be coming soon...
Stay tunned :D

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